Zakynthos – Greece

Oleocanthal International Society Foundation

The invitation of a Greek group of EVOO Producers, partners in the platform ECOZAKYNTHOS was held in ZANTE MARIS Hotel from 27 to 29 May,2.015, a meeting of experts in Oleocanthal a natural occurring molecule of some EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL- EVOO. A healthy compund that will provide us very good news for the world of health and disease’s prevention.

Promoted by the ANDALUSIAN SOCIETY of the Oleocanthal chaired by Dr. Jose Amérigo, the meeting was held at the Polytechnic Institute of Zakynthos with the participation of authorities of the island, Governor, and the representatives of Producers, Dimitris

Therianos a young farmer owner of a large Greek family of EVOO Producers. The first night participants were invited to a dinner at the Hacienda of the Therianos family.

Knowing that in Greece, most of the population consumes only Extra Virgin Olive Oil, participants were invited with various feasts and Tastings where its famous EVOOS were obviously the most important. Greece is also the world’s largest consumer of EVOO.

Under the chairmanship of Dr. Gary Beauchamp were held a series of meetings to define the missions of the Society, who initially was constituted as a
group of experts, not like the typical scientific or professional association. The founders understood that for better understanding and support which means the molecule of Oleocanthal and its proximity to other molecules such as Oleaceine, Oleuropein, Hydrotirosol, tyrosol, etc, a group of experts interested in this issues would be more productive .

This multidisciplinary group in which there are Scientists, Physicians, Dietitians, Editors, Media Communication, Chefs, etc., aims at the dissemination of the beneficial properties of Oleocanthal and rich EVOO in said molecule, engaging doctors and dietitians/ nutritionists worldwide. Similarly with CHEFS, Culinary Schools and gastronomic experts who should bring their gear towards healthy eating, along with delight.

An essential section for Oleocanthal INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY is the need to conduct more research as they need to deepen especially in animal research models and those human subject research.

For all the scientific data tested and based on the evidence available today, undoubtedly are the rich EVOO’S in Oleocanthal the base of the well known Mediterranean Diet. Anti inflammatory effects of this naturally occurring  molecule not found in any other, its coincidence with ibuprofen, a non steroidal anti- inflammatory drug, the most prescribed by doctors in the world, allow to reach that conclusion.

Zakynthos is a before and after, seeing the consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil around the world, as a simple vegetable fat in conflict with other, much less healthy (coconut, palm, rapeseed, etc.) but as the first Natural Functional Food that exists in the world, today.


Dr. Gary Beauchamp opened the Conference to the public, as was explaining about his discovery and a summary of the actions taken to date, scientifically. From 2005 until 2012 little progress had been made, but in recent years the spread of the existence of Oleocanthal and their properties, is absolutely necessary.

Dr. Paul Breslin, co-author of the discovery of the Oleocanthal, with Beauchamp, spoke about his new discovery published in February 2015, by which in vitro, the Oleocanthal kills cancer cells in 30 minutes, «without affecting healthy cells around «a fact undoubtedly very important for the future as a potential cancer therapy.

Dr. Eleni Melliou presented ARISTOLEO TEST KIT, rapid detection method EVOO (bottled or oil mill) that in a time of 30 minutes informs us of the existence by colorimetry, of the Oleocanthal levels and Oleaceine. The method measures from 40 mg to 1 gram per liter. The technique must be read by a PANTONE color paper with the different intensity corresponding with the level in fractions of 250 mg.

Dr. Jose Amérigo spokes, about the activities of the Oleocanthal Andalusian Society was making both in terms of information to doctors about this functional food, and working together
with Chef Daniel García Peinado, also present at the event, trying to encourage Chefs to cook with EVOO rich in Oleocanthal.

Finally Dr.Magiatis, reported the need to review international more precise analytical techniques of the components of the EVOO. He use Nuclear Magnetic Resonance analysis for EVOO and more specifically testing amounts of Phenols as Oleocanthal, the Oleaceine, the Hydrotirosol and tyrosol, yields results five times higher than those achieved with the techniques that use, chromatography and mass spectrophotometry.

Something must be done about the IOOC, because nobody any other scientific work has disproved the findings of Magiatis.

He also pointed out the need for the new mandatory labeling of EVOOS figure explicitly Oleocanthal levels and Oleaceíne along those of other existing Phenols in EVOO.

These compounds have shown, unlike others, its health effects, quantitatively measured and compared with the effects produced by other non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen.


We emphasize the participation of Prof. Li Li Ji,from the Laboratory of Physiology, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Minnesota, where the Mediterranean Diet was born last century in the 50’s

Dra.Maureen O’Leary, Director of Technology Transfer at the Monell Center in Philadelphia. Prof. Dolores Luque of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Cordoba were other of the participants.

Dani Garcia Peinado, Chef HOTEL Vinnci ALEYSA Benalmadena in Malaga. Prof.Feliciano Priego, Faculty of

Chemistry, Córdoba, Dr.Manuel Brenes from Sevilla Institute of Fat, CSIC.

The Oleocanthal INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY welcome the journalist Athan Gadanidis, representing OLIVE OIL TIMES who actively participated in all meetings and debates bringing the vision of the Media to the objectives of the Society.

Finally the Founders at Zakynthos resume the aims of the Society addressed to three main activities: HEALTH-OLIVE-FOOD.